Our Brands

  • Blukids is a leading childrenswear brand (0-14years) in Italy with over 200 existing stores across Europe and still growing
  • UPIM is a leading Italian value brand department store with over 150 locations spread across Europe dealing with different fashion apparel brands for men, women and children
  • Coincasa is an Italian department store dedicated to the world of clothing, beauty and home decoration. Coincasa has been creating and composing collections since 1962; scouting for styles and new products all of the world and reinterpreting them with Italian flavour.
  • “It seems as if taking care of beauty was the destiny of our family” says Andrea and Matteo who’s family interpreted beauty as a passion and as a job but above all as a challenge! Finding new solutions, communication with new strategies, interpreting the market and understanding what it demands is what makes this brand NIYO & CO.
  • Born from old and tested family recipes, Franco Bergamaschi and his wife Daniela villa gave birth to their first cosmetics! It is aromatic waters, bath oils, and locations marked all derived from purely natural ingredients, from delicate fragrances, not contrived, and packaging graphics from clean and appealing